Manas Darshan Khand

Behind every activity of a man is the support and contrl of his mind. Any action or activity that is done without concentration also receives the reflection of the mind. For the mind’s mental purification, several beautiful pictures have been painted.

For mental peace, external medication is mandatory. Actually, it is essential to resolve worldly mental conflicts. Keeping that in mind, Bhagwan Mahavir had shown us the science of Leshya. The meaning of Leshya is colour. The mind is filled with various colors and it becomes like those colors due to its effect over it. It is mutual. Just like the thoughts in the mind, similar is the colour of the particles in the mind. Thereafter the mind becomes like that colour. A gist of the effect of these colors will be displayed scientifically.

It has been planned to show the effect of 6 colors in phases and with examples using VRML technology. In this same section, in another room is displayed “Abhipray Darshan” (vision of syadwad [multiple opinions]). “Our opinion is correct”, this stubbornness itself is the root of most conflicts, wars and so on. One should understand and accept all opinions that help to build love.

In the last room of these sections, opinions will be kept in the form of sayings and statements of all the great scholars of this world who think highly of Jainism. It is intended to show to the world that Bhagwan Mahavir’s sermons are not a separate sect, they lead you to the road to the correct thought process for living in this world. In his sermons lie scientific principles and basic truths. The area for this entire division is 10,000 sq ft.