Vihar Info

Upto Kartik Sud Poonam, all Acharya Bhagwants, Munis, and rest will not travel. After Kartik Poonam, onwards, their Vihar will start. Onlu during monsoon time, they stay at one place for four months, starting from Ashadh Chaturdashi to Kartik Poonam. In rest days of the year, they move around to reveal the truth of religion, Ahinsa, Compassion, etc. Recent Vihar Information are mentioned here.

Acharya Chandrajit Suriji M.S.

Now in Ahmedabad,
Moving in various area of the city till Chaumasa.

Mob.: 07019065665 (Sukhram) Email: mahavirpuram@Live.In
Panyas Indrajit Vijayji M. S.

Now in Ahmedabad,
Both Guruji are together.

Mob.: 09328266672 (Sukhram) Email: mahavirpuram@Live.In