University: Creating a “ब्रह्माण्ड”

With advancement of materialism and wealth playing a dominant role, the values adumbrated in the teaching of Lord Mahavir, are assuring backseat in the heart of people. It therefore stands to reason, that all like minded people must unite in order to ensure a concerted effort, to re-establish and rejuvenate the lost cause, and perpetuate the same.

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On the surface Post Graduate Education appears to be highly developed & specialized in India. But there is a dearth of completeness in the education system with a need for Self-learning experiential & freedom to acquire 'gyaan' when the mind is in the state of absolute concentration. The METHOD of attaining wisdom is as important as actually attaining it.

Despite the diverse opportunities available today, a youth of society has not yet been able to exploit advantages of different platforms. It takes a lot of self-realization to pin-points one's greatest aptitude for a particular discipline. One also requires courage to move out of the protective shadow of one's parents and form one's independent career.

Mahavirpuram poses an opportunity for us to help to create a generation of youth who are equipped to play their role in the society in a meaningful way. To help them obtain specialized higher education by which they can become significant in the commercial world, yet apply the teachings of Lord Mahavir day-to-day living and business dealings.

Man's greatest gift is his free will and Mahavirpuram is the realm of free will. It offers the student an opportunity to study in an institution of his choice. A student himself decides whether.

There can be no imposing of thoughts or religious beliefs on any individual.
We are only here to show the path and impart the wisdom.
It is the student who has to choose his way.