Bhojan Shala

The base of Indian food is pulses, vegetables and buffalo/cow’s milk, curds, ghee and buttermilk. The Indian people are not material crazy. The virtues of happiness and contentment are imbibed in them. Hence, although the food is simple, it is still satvic (nutritious) and tasty. The food that will be served at these lodging houses will be in keeping with the tenets of Jainism.

The dining hall will be of 8,000 sq. feet approx. and 1,000 visitors at a time will be able to have food in the hall. And, the kitchen will contain solar energy based equipment. Its area will be of 5000 sq feet and there will be sufficient distance between the kitchen and the dining hall. There will be a facility of conveyor belt and trolleys to ensure time and service.

Apart from aforesaid plans, there are more plans which are going to exist at the Mahavirpurum. To know more about or to donate for or for various donation schemes, please contact us or mail us today!