Chaityavrikha Udhyan

Bhagwan was a loving protector of all living-beings in this universe. As an antidote to environmental pollution, a special garden will be created to protect the environment. In this garden there will be 3 trees for each of the 24 Tirthankars. The trees below which the Tirthankar Bhagwan got their enlightenment are also equally pious. With three trees for each Tirthankar, numbering to 72 trees, Bhagwan Mahavir’s temple tree in the center shall comprise of 5 trees. Apart from the above, other auspicious trees, such as the Raayan tree, etc, will form a beautiful garden of 151 trees.

As per astrological calculations one needs to pray to specific Tirthankars for specific sun-signs. In these gardens, information will be given on matters like Tirthankars to whom one should pray to, for specific sun-signs. One can sit below the tree of the relevant Tirthankar Bhagwan and meditate and chant the mantras thereof.

Divine energies flow from these specific trees and by sitting below these trees one can also get the benefit of the specific energy emanating from those trees. This garden is spread over an area of two vighas.