Brahmand Darshan

The world has seen during the past centuries and decades lots of kings, emperors, great men, etc. But among them all, Lord Mahavir is an individual by himself. He is a divine institution. The only worthily aim deserving the attention of man ought to be realization of the Lord Mahavir's "Darshan" and his celestial inner contact that is our only purpose in the creation of the complex, which has been introduced here in detail.

The most modern technological advancement will be and ought to be harnessed to the unique project. If the walls, of this architecture adorned with murals be faithfully studied by visitors and the devotees. They are bound to affect the heart beats and mental attitudes of mankind. Virtual Reality is the aim proposed to be presented in lines, colors and woods for this great ideal to the sightseers. It is the most valuable social education and cultural enlightenment.