Donation Plan

The goal of the Mahavirpurum is not merely religion, but is more of addressing the needs of social, cultural and character building needs of the society. Hence for the execution of this mammoth project the organization will need the support of many people from every sphere of business and profession. We will be in need of financial support upto your fullest potential. Because of the generous support of Jains and other communities all over the world received till now, Shree Mahavirpurum has been able to start the work at proposed site with proper guidance and at a speed.

But we continue to need your support as there are many phases to go to take place while the execution of entire project. Additionally, donations from you and other generous supporters will ensure that we meet the demand of such a huge project to complete at the earliest.

Financial contributions to Mahavirpurum are entitled to benefits under Section 80-G of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Donate Now

Your contribution means we can continue to provide these vital services to humanity. Please make a contribution today... and provide Hope for Humanity for tomorrow. Thank you.

There are various schemes available to donate in various manners. Few of them are listed below.

Karuna Samvardhan Nidhi
INR 18,000
USD 251
Nature Promoter Scheme (Adoption Of Vriksha)
500 USD
Adoption A Cow
2000 USD

To know more about various donation schemes, you can contact us or write to us with your sufficient details at

Mahavirpuram (Knowledge City)

This division will be build withing 1 lac square metre.

For the future of new generation of entire Jain Community excellent higher education system will be implemented in this project.

MBA College
MCA College
Design Institute

(Hostel / Conference Hall / Library / Eyesoothing Garden / Lake / Play Ground)