Youth Circle

Mahavirpurum Youth Circle engages all youngsters for a better life ahead, no matter how confident, responsible they already are.

Today, more and more youngsters are visiting psychologists, psychiatrists and seeking help from counselors. Clearly stressful factors like an arduous education system, rising competition, business stress, increasing parental pressures, common teenage issues, tough careers and large expectations from the youth are taking their toll on these young minds.

Mahavirpurum has recognized the need of the young adults in society and has a Circle, which is specifically for the youth and of the youth. Called the 'Mahavirpurum Youth Circle', which teaches and shows how to accept themselves and other people, handle all situations in life, makes them responsible and efficient, tackle problems like depression, lack of confidence, loneliness and lack of concentration. All these are the very problems the youth face and are not able to bring to the fore. By subduing their inner feelings, they become reserved, shy, reticent and depressed. Through different live processes like Karseva, meditation etc., they are taught to tackle various situations.

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