• Rev. H. D. H. Aacharya Vijay Premsuriji Maharaj
  • Rev. H. D. H. Aacharya Vijay Bhuvanbhanusuriji Maharaj
  • Rev. H. D. H. Aacharya Chandrashekharvijayji M. S.



  • Shri Babubhai P. Sanghvi, K. P. Sanghvi & Sons, Mumbai
  • Shri S. M. Bafna, Mumbai
  • Shri Saurinbhai D. Shah, Mumbai
  • Shri Hansaraj Mutha, Chennai
  • Shri Ashokbhai P. sanghvi, Chennai
  • Shri Vijaybhai C. Varia, Ahmedabad
  • Shri Manoharmal Bhandari, Bangalore
  • Shri V. P. Mehta, Jamnagar
  • Shri Laxmanbhai Manmal, Ahmedabad
  • Shri Mitinbhai P. Shah, Ahmedabad
  • Shri Nemichand C. sanghvi, Kolhapur
  • Shri Champalal Kothari, Bangalore
  • Shrimati Ramila H. Patel, Vadodara
  • Kumarpal v. shah


The aforesaid Board of Trustees are functioning under the overall guidance of H.D.H. Panyas Shrimad Chandrashekharvijayji M. S., who is ably supported by the following associates:


Shri Hafeez Contractor :

A world renowned Architect and the Second largest firm in the field, he has dedicated himself to create one of the greatest Monument for Mankind i.e. Mahavirpurum.


Dr. Kumarpal Desai :

A Padmashree award achiever in 2004. He is a renowned writer and an orator visiting various countries frequently for emitting the knowledge of humanity and ecology.


Dr. Ashok Shah :

Is highly reputed Horticulturist and has vast experience in setting up several Environmental friendly plantation projects. He would be the guiding force on the all round Plantation and Horticultural aspects of the Project include the Chaityavriksha Udhyan.